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          Recording: It Don’t Come Easy by Ringo Starr

          Trident Studios, London
          Producer: George Harrison

          Recording for Ringo Starr’s debut UK solo single was a curiously drawn out affair. He had recorded two versions of It Don’t Come Easy on 18 and 19 February 1970, but these were discarded and a remake was recorded on 8 March 1970.

          Cover for Ringo Starr's single It Don't Come Easy

          Although the location is in doubt, it is likely that this follow-up session took place at Trident Studios. The song was completed in October 1970, although even fewer details of the occasion are known.

          The basic track for It Don’t Come Easy had finally been recorded on 8 March. During this session and the subsequent October completion, overdubs were added. These included backing vocals from Badfinger’s Tom Evans and Pete Ham, and the overdub of a horn section.

          It Don’t Come Easy was eventually released in April 1971.

          US single release: Let It Be
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